Why Panels4U

We sell plywood panels, MDF panels and particle board panels from all major NZ manufacturers.

The Panels4U Difference

Our mission is to empower our customers through the control, choice, and convenience that the Panels4U service provides.


Take charge of your renovation project and own the selection and delivery of the materials. All you need is a tape measure, a pencil, some paper, and your mobile phone. You self-measure your space and tell us what doors, drawers and shelves you need, widening your DIY possibilities and creativity becomes your only limit.

You’re in charge of the budget with an instant quote and online purchase as well as choosing when and where the materials are delivered. An experience with Panels4U eliminates any middle margins so you can spend more on those taps you’ve always wanted and restore your kitchen as the heart of your home, or your wardrobe to feel more organised, with minimum impact to the family.


We’ve got all the important decisions covered with a big enough range to tickle every fancy.

ChoiceColours - with over 250 different colours to choose from, there is absolutely no reason your kitchen or pantry will match the neighbours hardware-store white.

Finishes - from high gloss to wood grains, we stock panels with 18 available surface texture so your doors and shelves will feel just right.

Substrates - we only provide high-quality MDF, plywood and particle board panels sourced from the major suppliers in New Zealand, which means it's tough and will last, just like us Kiwi’s, and won’t do the scandinavian skew after a year or two. You can choose from 23 different panel types!

Dimensions - to get just the right fit, we know that size counts and your doors, drawers and shelves need to be cut with millimetre accuracy. With 16 different thicknesses to choose from your cutlery organisers, pull-out waste cabinets, or deep drawer organisers are bespoke to your family needs.

The choices above clearly result in hundreds of combinations that could trigger paralysis by analysis, so we dug deep to understand the best way to go about choosing the right cabinetry and have built a configurator engine that will help you tailor the perfect choice for your home.


We know you’re busy. We have families too. So to help you land that renovation on time and on budget, we have made it as easy-as-possible to choose and order the right materials.

Shop online

Having all the panels you’ll need in one place saves you the hassle of driving from supplier to supplier. From replacing a single kitchen door (because Jimmy got creative with the permanent marker again) to an entire renovation, you can shop online via your mobile phone or laptop.

Cutting and edging

No more table saws in your garage as your handyman cuts your doors, drawers and shelves onsite ahead of the installation of your new kitchen or wardrobe. With your custom dimension requirements, our professional contract cutting service providers will use high-tech CNC’s and Edgebanders to cut and edge your door, drawer or shelf with expert precision.


We’re also local – no matter where you’re located in New Zealand, we’ll deliver all panels directly to you. We use an independent company for all our courier and freight deliveries to get your panels to you in the quickest time frame possible.


Deliveries use predetermined flat-pack packaging methods to guarantee quality deliveries and most shipments can be completed within a few working days. No freight is too small or too large, too rural or too far away, to deliver to. Pick up can also be arranged in certain cities.

If, by using Panels4U, you’ve been able to replace your kitchen doors and complete your renovation, and are now free to enjoy your new kitchen with your family, then it's mission accomplished for us!! And as we approach our first birthday, we are proud to still be the only provider of its kind in New Zealand.

When you think cabinetry panels, we’re the go-to. At Panels4U, we know what we love, and we love what we do.