About Us

Helping kiwis replace their kitchen doors.

The Panels4U Story

Renovating your kitchen? Replacing old kitchen cabinet doors with drawers. Or perhaps a DIY wardrobe makeover, with melamine shelves and doors? With so many elements involved in home alterations, and different service providers to consider, where do you start?

At Panels4U, we understand life is busy as with errands to run, mouths to feed, and stuff filling up your day. The last thing you want to do is let a renovation take over your life. The countless hours of time and energy spent driving all over town, deciding, measuring, quoting, and communicating with different suppliers to get them to work together in order to get the job done is totally unnecessary!

Our Story

We started Panels4U with a mission to create what we could not find; A better way of getting home renovation projects completed on time and on budget.

61% of New Zealanders are spending more family time in the kitchen, which are getting bigger and bigger, and over a third of homeowners say that they are leading a healthier lifestyle after a kitchen renovation as they couldn’t stand cooking in the old kitchen anymore.

But at what cost? Getting a kitchen designer in for a quote is a guaranteed way to get your heart racing, or worse. But don’t forget the cost on the family stress levels when the project is delayed because the materials weren’t delivered in time or a mis-heard word means the wrong materials turn up, and you’re forced to wash dishes in the bath while the kids eat takeaways in front of the telly again, for the 7th night in a row.

Our mission is to empower our customers through the control, choice, and convenience that the Panels4U service provides.