Cutting Services

Every panel is expertly cut and edged to your custom dimensions.

We partner with the highest quality contract cutting service providers across New Zealand to cut and edge your panels before being delivered on time and on budget.

Cutting Services

Cutting services should be all about getting a quality job done at a fair price, which is why we offer optimal cutting and edging services tailored to suit each job.

Not every job requires the same cut on the same material. We understand that and can ensure cutting for all shapes and sizes of panels for your project. You give us the measurements, and we’ll do the rest.

With the use of high quality CNC machines from several impeccable cutting service partners across New Zealand, Panels4U is your go-to choice for precision cutting.

Who we work with

All of our cutting service partners are properly vetted to ensure they have the right equipment and capability that is up to Panels4U standards so you know you’re getting top of the line workmanship. We use service providers who have a proven track record for delivering impressive results to custom projects. They are respected in the industry and are versatile enough to undertake a range of different jobs and services.

We currently have locations in:

If you know of a great service supplier in your area whom you believe is talented and well respected let us know at so we can continue to bring great services to areas closer to you.